Thread lift is a face lift procedure that induce collagen  production to provide a tighter , more younger and natural appearance of the face and neck. This procedure is a quick treatment that you can go with minimum down time so also called as “Lunch Time Face Lift” .

This treatment involve medical grade absorbable suture threads under the skin and pull the skin into desire position. Different areas of the face that you can treat with threads-eyebrows, neck , jawline ,cheeks ,under eye areas.



  • How long does a Facelift surgery take? Surgery is typically performed as an outpatient or overnight stay and lasts two to three hours.
  • Will my threadlift leave scars? Most women can conceal their scars with their hair. Allowing your hair to grow for a longer time may be a good idea for women with short hair till the time the scars are fresh. You can also meet with our aesthetician to discuss special makeup that can hide scars.