Scar Removal


Skin is a seamless organ, similar to a fine cloth that protects valuable assets. Consider a piece of silk. A single small tear can drastically alter the appearance. The same is true for skin. Scars can be caused by any type of burn, injury, or trauma, such as surgery. A scar isn’t so bad if it’s small and in an easy-to-hide location. When it isn’t, you may wonder if there is a way to treat it other than hiding it under your clothes that will make it go away or at least change its appearance. The truth is that the scar will never completely heal. However, there are some methods for reducing its size and changing its appearance.


  • What types of scars are treatable? Scars from acne breakouts, accidents, surgeries, and even from some wrinkles can usually be treated. Scars cannot be entirely erased, but they can be made to appear less visible.
  • How does it function? When it comes to scar removal, you have several choices. Intense pulse light therapy stimulates collagen production by transmitting light energy through the skin’s outer layer and down in to the dermal layer. Other lasers, such as the Co2, work by removing the skin’s outer layer to expose healthier skin beneath.