Breast Lift surgery in Delhi Ncr

A Breast lift or Mastopexy  is a procedure for  tightening the breasts. After child feed and  also due to age or gravity, a woman’s breasts start sagging and lose their attractive look. A breast lift corrects this by restoring the per-kiness of the breasts. It involves removing surplus stretched skin and reshaping the breast tissues and raising areolae and nipples. This procedure can be done along with Breast Augmentation to give a firmer, fuller, and rounded overall shape. There is a procedure that can lift the breast and give a youthful look 

Breast lift surgery :

We also use Crisalix 3D Simulation. This technology is very advanced and this  helps you visualise your post-surgery breast contour on your own digitised images. This helps you to define your goals better and know how would you look after the surgery

  • Around the areolae
  • Downwards from the areolae to the breast creases

    Breast lift surgery
    Breast lift surgery By Renew U
  • Horizontally along the breast creases

Why Choose Renew U’s Breast Lift Surgery?

At Renew U, we give a consultancy to meet doctors and know about the  procedures and provide complete consultation to breast lift or tight breast surgery aspirants. This helps them to understand the intricacies of the surgery. During the dis-cussion, our doctors will also understand your goals and ambitions related to the procedure and give you an honest and complete picture

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 FAQ :

  • Does this procedure also change the size of the breast? A breast lift does significantly change the size of your breasts. However, a breast lift can be done in combination with breast augmentation or breast reduction.
  • If I am considering childbirth then can I plan for this surgery? It is advised to postpone the breast uplift surgery because the childbearing method ends up in variations in breasts and therefore the results of uplift may not be as long-lasting.
  • How long does the uplift lasts? The uplift has lasting results and solely undergoes natural changes with age and time.