BB Skin Glow


BB Glow is a potent tinted serum that is applied using the Microneedling method – a non-invasive skin treatment that use state-of-the-art technology to penetrate the first layer of the skin with microneedles released quickly from a Microneedling pen. Basic micro-needling stimulates natural collagen production and rejuvenates the skin, while the BB Glow serum provides excellent nutrients and, most importantly, the colour tint you want.


  • What is the duration of BB Glow? Semi-permanent cosmetics, such as BB Glow, is used. The results can last up to a year with the right amount of sessions and proper aftercare. The effects of BB Glow, like other procedures in the cosmetics industry, are cumulative. Meaning, as each treatment package is completed, you will find that the results endure longer and that you should require lesser sessions.
  • How many treatments I’ll need? The vast majority of the people will require 2 treatments to attain their desired outcome. Depending on the amount of skin covering you desire or the severity of the imperfection being concealed, your initial package may require 3-6 treatments.